The Return of Punch

The Return of Punch

How the modern, elevated punch is the ultimate big batch party cocktail

Throughout history, one drink has remained monumental to the power of a communal drink: PUNCH. Regarded by many as the world’s first cocktail, it has evolved from being a common party drink. Punch is a creative, even charming, addition to your hosting repertoire. It is about time we talked about why punch is the ultimate festive party cocktail and is making a fun, yet sophisticated, comeback. Check out a few of our favorite modern punch recipes below!

Big Batch

A punch bowl, or a pitcher or beverage dispenser for a more modern take, at the epicenter of the party saves you from bumbling around fulfilling cocktail orders you will inevitably receive. You deserve to enjoy the party too! Just place a ladle in that beautiful bowl full of premade colorful beverage and then listen closely. Everyone loves your punch! And, if you make a decorative ice mold or float a combination of sliced fruit, edible flowers, or herbs on the surface of your punch? Game over! Your guests will go wild. Nothing quite brings the festive vibe like a bowl of punch.


Stay On-Brand

You worked so hard on your theme! Carry your theme through when it comes to the punch. Hosting a brunch party? Make your guests some Champagne Party Punch. Ringing in the summer with a tropical themed party? Go coconuts with some Tropical Rum Punch. Shopping our new Blush Bouquet collection? Enjoy this delicious Pomegranate Champagne Punch. With the Pinterest-world catching on to how creative you can get with punch; your possibilities have become endless.


Have You Tried the Punch?

Parties are all about shared experiences. When guests are filling their cups of punch, they are naturally encouraged to interact and just might hit it off! Who knows, maybe 3 years from now two of your friends will attribute YOUR punch to the start of their relationship. Now you are the godparent of their firstborn and your punch will be passed on for generations. You wouldn’t want that NOT to happen, would you?


Non-Alcoholic Options

The kid’s table, your favorite mom-to-be, and any guests abstaining from alcohol – here is looking at you dry January – deserve some fun too. With or without alcohol, punch can taste amazing – making it an even more versatile drink. Make one with alcohol and one without, or make one and set the spirit of your choice next to it so that guests can mix their own to their liking. Just keep the spirits out of children’s reach. Cheers! You could even recruit your kid to help you create a fun punch for their very own party. How cute!


Our Punch Favorites

We mentioned a few recipes above, but here are a few more ideas to leave your guests, big or small, full of punch and ready to kick it on the dance floor.

Creamy Orange Sherbet Punch

Just seeing photos of this punch makes us go star eyed. It is bright, exciting, and suupppeerr easy to make. It looks and tastes amazing during any summer event but goes even better with fall colors.

Pineapple Pink Lemonade Soda

The ultimate baby shower punch. You will fall in love with this kid-friendly drink and its theme-reinforcing aesthetic. Get fancy with some pineapple to garnish and your guests will instinctively lift their pinky before each sip.

Peach Prosecco Punch

We love to get a little bougee sometimes with our punch. This peach prosecco punch was created for New Year’s, but we find ourselves using it throughout the year – there is nothing like a festive, fruity bubbly for the perfect ladies gathering. 

Hopefully this has got your artistic mind running with ideas. Let us know what punch will be the centerpiece of your next fab fête! Want some more ideas? Check out our premium and distinctive party goods collections for an effortlessly memorable fête.

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